RLG is a unique non-hourly rate model, built for businesses that need an experienced but cost-effective general counsel and support team. RLG is a valued management team member to a variety of businesses nationally. We don’t have billable requirements because we don’t do billable hours. Instead, we provide legal spend predictability under a tiered flat fee structure, tailored to fit your company’s needs

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RLG provides your business with the benefits of a highly experienced general counsel and support team at a predictable, cost­-effective rate. We pride ourselves on real-­time responses, and are sophisticated in electronic communications and project management tools. We provide our clients with a full service legal department including the following:

  • Corporate
  • Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Liability
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Compliance Planning and Risk Mitigation
Network of Outside Specialists

In addition to RLG’s core general counsel services, we provide access to a wide variety of outside experts. We’ve built relationships nation-wide with reputable law firms and vendors to provide specialized support for your needs. You approve all outside engagements to ensure your budget and return on investment goals are met, and we’ll manage the process for you from there. These value-added resources include:

  • Tax
  • Equity Offerings
  • Lending and Financial Counsel
  • State and Local Expertise
  • Interface with Regulatory Agencies

We Are An Extension of Your Team

Make our legal team, your legal team. Meet the attorneys and support staff that lawyer differently.

Bryan Rotella
Founder/General Counsel

“Lawyering Differently is being a teammate on the field with our clients, not on the sidelines or in the press box. At RLG, the front of our jerseys are our clients’ logos, and that’s who we work for every day. We lawyer differently by building long-term partnerships beyond the billable hour.”

Sarah Casey
Sr. Associate Gen. Counsel

“Lawyering Differently means becoming a long-term, valued team member to our clients, rather than just a “cost of doing business” like traditional legal models. Our relationship with our clients is very rewarding, and I love what I do!”

Amy Frassa Rotella
Finance and Office Manager

“Lawyering differently recognizes that, ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’.  RLG responds to the evolving needs of clients through the reinvention of how lawyers and businesses interact through a predictable income and highly responsive model.”

Mike Sagafi

Business Partners

Reviews & Feedback

Scott Bartos
Former CEO - Rural/Metro
RLG’s General Counsel services provided an experienced legal team that fully integrated with our company’s leadership team, was available to us 24/7 and managed all day to day legal duties and responsibilities. And, all of these services were delivered at a non-hourly rate that was significantly less than using outside counsel at hourly rates or hiring a full time individual to serve as General Counsel. RLG has truly revolutionized the way companies manage their legal support.
Marilyn Wood
President & CEO - Opis Senior Services Group
As a small business owner operating a senior services management organization RLG plays a significant role in our day to day operations. Bryan Rotella has served Opis for the past four years and has the highest integrity, character and values which are deeply appreciated and valued by Opis. RLG goes above and beyond in adopting this code of conduct in its relationship with our organization and is a model of our Mission.I could not be more pleased or prouder to recommend RLG to anyone who is looking for an ethical, transparent, knowledgeable and personable firm.
Joe Whitters
Executive Partner - Fraizer Healthcare Partners
I recently had the opportunity to observe and work with Bryan and his team in a very dynamic situation and was impressed with the flexibility of the business model he has created. Over an 18-month period the needs and demands changed dramatically and Bryan was able to flex with a very fluid situation and was an excellent partner in helping us to achieve a very favorable outcome.
Lisa Melemed
VP of Corporate Compliance & GC. Vision Group Holding LLC
RLG’s unique model offers the network and expertise of outside counsel with the team-player attitude of an in-house counsel. Bryan’s mission to build a firm that lawyers differently is inspiring to the legal field and exciting for businesses that need a legal presence without the traditional strings attached.
David Rubenstein
President & CEO - Trio Healthcare LLC
RLG has been instrumental in not only controlling costs, but also providing needed expertise in a number of areas including compliance, reimbursement, and contract negotiations. Their team is able to handle issues on a much broader level than a traditional General Council at comparable cost. Additionally, we’ve found that their network of specialists has been a great value added benefit, with RLG negotiating savings that have enabled us to utilize some incredible talent that we’d never be able to afford without their assistance. RLG has introduced an unique model that has allowed us to reinvent how our legal spend is utilized and we’re getting more value and better outcomes.
Emmet Scott
CEO - Community Dental Partners
The complexities of legal, regulatory and HR matters concerning healthcare create a lot more pressure and noise on the CEO than many other aspects of management. RLG does an amazing job of protecting me from having to deal directly with those issues and allows me to get back to where I bring the most value - growing the business.
Rich Mason
CEO - Trillium Healthcare Consulting, LLC
I’ve worked with RLG since the beginning, and as our company grew RLG scaled to fit our legal needs. The RLG team is dedicated to customer service—a value that aligns with our goals at Trillium. This sets them apart from every other law firm.
Bob Carlin
Principal - EDG Partners, LLC
Bryan and the team at RLG have been instrumental in many of the companies I have been a part of over the years. Every member of the RLG team offers a unique perspective and adds value beyond the corporate legal work. Bryan and his team have saved my companies thousands on outside legal spend, pre-suit negotiations, and insurance RFPs. RLG truly encompasses ‘lawyering differently’.
Bob Bunker
Chairman & CEO - NeuLife Rehab
"Bryan Rotella and I are longtime professional colleagues. Bryan is a seasoned healthcare expert with a vast network of specialists. I’ve had the privilege of working with him on multiple Boards. Bryan and his team are exceptionally intelligent and their counsel is unparalleled.

Most recently, I engaged Bryan and his highly capable team at RLG to provide General Counsel services for NeuLife Neurological Rehabilitation Services. NeuLife immediately realized the value of RLG’s ability to handle the Board room and day-to-day legal challenges. RLG lawyers differentiate themselves through extraordinary collaboration with our team to develop business synergies and solutions in the complex healthcare industry. RLG is a compliment to any corporation!”
Dwain Morris
CFO - Diabetes America, LLC
"The RLG team is considered part of our team at Diabetes America. RLG’s non-hourly model fits with our company because it allows for predictability and transparency. I know, every month, what to expect on the RLG invoice. It’s as though we have a team of attorneys and support staff working for us for the cost of one in-house attorney."
Eric Boyer
Managing Partner - Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.
"Bryan Rotella and RLG have developed an innovative model which creates value and cost savings for both the client and outside law firm. Rotella ensures that the business objectives of a client are understood by outside counsel and treated as a priority. This insight and direction helps to bridge the gap which so often exists between an outside law firm and its client, and founds the basis of a true partnership."
Keith Becker
President - AB Risk Specialist, Inc.
"We greatly appreciate being involved with the RLG model. With Bryan's model articulating the details of a client's risks, we are able to craft insurance programs that not only better address an organization's risks, but drive material cost savings for Bryan's clients. A true win/win for all!"