The Washington Times – Ubering past Obamacare

Consulting a doctor should be as easy as hailing a ride “As a thriving cash only doctor/specialist, we work directly for our patients, not insurance companies. 2017 offers so many technological opportunities to connect doctors like me directly to our patients, it’s like no other time in history.”

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CNBC – “To fix Obamacare, Trump needs to ‘go small’ “

President-elect Donald Trump will enter office in January facing several tough issues. None bigger than what to do with the monstrosity that is the 2700 plus page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or ObamaCare”).

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Washington Examiner – Obamacare’s Gender Suck Punch

Health care is tougher and more expensive for women than men, with childbirth and its related care being the most obvious example. Thanks to Obamacare, instead of protecting our nation’s women, especially the moms giving birth to our hopefully greatest generation yet, we are now subsidizing this crew of able […]

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